C7 Device Recycle 25% off through Christmas Day

25% off already inexpensive phones is ok with me.

Merry Christmas from C7 Device Recycle
25 % off through Christmas Day!!
Coupon Code: Christmas17


EDIT: Just found out that the coupon code did not work for someone, which we suspect is because one must receive the code via Email from C7, as I did. Will report back when that question has been answered.

Seems to me that C7 is a great company, eager to do right by their customers. I inquired about a phone a couple of months ago via "contact us" and got a personal e-mail reply from their CEO within 5 minutes... on a Saturday! Talk about service!

Many thanks to @Isamorph for letting us know about the promo!

Agreed. When I was using R+, I purchased two phones from them and they were more than happy to run them through the R+ checker to make sure they would work on R+. Since the end of the R+ days , I have purchased another phone, and all three phones have worked flawlessly. They do it right.

I've bought from C7 before, too-- and been quite happy.
It seems that their inventory and selection has really declined-- or maybe we did a good enough job of letting everyone know about them that inventory just doesn't stay around long.

I noticed the decline in inventory, too. A few weeks ago, they had hardly any phones for sale. When R+ was going strong, C7 seemed to have a whole lot of phones for sale. People no longer looking for used Sprint phones, or the like, to use on R+ may have hurt their business, at least temporarily. But, as you say, maybe their phones just keep selling like hotcakes, for good reason.

I sent an email to them less than an hour ago and already got a reply. What a concept

I've been searching c7 recycle for tablets after purchasing a $7 phone for tello and being astounded by the high quality of the device I purchased from C7.

At the risk of sliding off from the main topic to another question;
Is there any site to buy a reliable used or new for under $50. 10" screen something with a sim slot, hdmi and voice capabilities for service that I can use with my minitv unit for a car gps and phone?

Tall order. $50 for a 10" is pretty tough. And most tablets don't have SIM slots, or voice..
I got one of the 8" unlocked AT&T Trek 2 HD tablets when they were going for about $65 on ebay a while back-- 8" with a SIM slot, but no voice capability. I think they've been in the $100 range for the last few months, though.
I would guess that HDMI is relatively rare, too, although I haven't paid attention to that.

I suspect that voice capabilities is going to be the toughest. Maybe you could do a workaround (if there's a mic) by adding a dialer and VoIP?

I looked at C7Recycle again last night, and there may be some decent deals on Verizon Prepaid phones. I'm not familiar enough with VZW locking/unlocking policies (referring here to allowing a Verizon Prepaid phone to be used on a VZW MVNO.) If these phones are eligible for MVNO use, they seem reasonably priced to me.
(VZW is, in my limited experience, the most difficult network to do MVNO BYOP. Plenty of cheap-enough GSM and Sprint devices out there, or at least in my small collection.)

Thinking of getting one of these phones from c7 to use on RedPocket Verizon. Will either of the phones work? I seem to have read on nthcircle that a redpocket sim can be activated by putting it into a Verizon phone. Will it work with these phones? (Verizon).

For Verizon PP, be sure to check MEID on the Vzw MVNO's checker first. It won't work if the Vzw PP phone hasn't been used on Vzw PP for a minimum period (1 mo?). I guess that's the good thing about ordering from C7 - they can probably check for you, or just take the phone back.

I researched a little to refresh my memory. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

These appear to be Prepaid VZW phones (as evidenced by the PP suffix to the model #).
Verizon Prepaid "phones in a box" (which would seem to apply to all prepaid phones originally available through box stores) require 6 months of continuous service on VZW Prepaid, or deposits equal to the amount indicated in the fine print on the box in a Prepaid account (good luck with identifying that amount on a used phone) before they will be released (automatically) for use on a VZW MVNO.

Maybe the easy route: Total Wireless seems to be a VZW-specific MVNO, and they have an online BYO check tool.
I'm assuming that if Total Wireless will accept the phone, it would also be eligible for other VZW MVNOs.

C7 has been willing in the past to run MEID tests on request-- it's one of the things that made them popular with RingPlus subscribers. Perhaps they would be willing to run this test?

By the way, I should have checked before my OP on C7 about the 25% discount, which, sorry to say, is only offered as an email exclusive to people who are on C7's email list. That said, most of their phones are darn cheap without the discount.

Was it a discount code (so sharable) or do you have to order using the registered email address/account?

It appears that Isamorph did share his code in the OP-- and then reported that a friend tried to use the code, and it didn't work. So it appears to be tied to an email-approval list.

The discount code that I received via email from C7 and is listed in the OP was used by another forum member who did not receive it via email, and he reported to me that it did not work. So he signed up for email news from C7 to see if he could acquire the code, and he will let me know when, and if he does. So from the one example, it does not look to be sharible.

It's on their facebook. $50 MINIMUM. But it's letting use the discount on under 50 also

It's on their facebook. $50 MINIMUM. But it's letting use the discount on under 50 also[/quote

Thanks. Maybe it is sharible then on $50 + purchases, which is an attractive discount. And it makes sense that the person who the code didn't work for was inputting it for a $20 phone. My email did not mention, as far as I can see, anything about the $ 50 dollar minimum to use the code. Yet if they are allowing the use of it for under $50 buys, I'm clueless why the $20 purchase didn't take. Ha.

Thanks guys. I have asked c7recycle to check meid and they will get back to me tomorrow.

In case it makes a difference in your phone choice.....
I believe the Exceed 2 VS450PP is 3G only. This was typical of VZW prepaid phones for quite a while, since they didn't permit LTE data on prepaid of MVNO accounts.
The Optimus Zone 3 VS425PP seems to have LTE.

For most folks, LTE would be a clear advantage.
In certain circumstances, the 3G only device might be preferable, if overall cost is more of a concern than data speed. ( it depends on tower strength of course, but VZW 3G is usually very good at a usable speed.)

I think the Exceed 2 doesn't need a SIM card, which might lower your activation costs. But I don't know how Red Pocket, as an example, handles activations without a SIM. (I know Tracfone does so easily, as a counterpoint.) Might be wise to ask Red Pocket Chat if that's your choice provider.

But at least on later LTE Verizon LTE phones, SIM-swapping is possible like it is on GSM phones. Obviously, no SIM swapping is possible if a phone doesn't use a SIM.