Bye, Bye Hangouts... Hello GV

Beta testers needed for testing calling with Google Voice app. Looks like Google is preparing for the transition from Hangouts to full GV calling functions.

I dont think it will, they have been calling wolf for a while

I hope they do, for Google has been all over the place with too many calling and messaging apps, and reducing the number to one or two would be fine with me. But Google does change directions often.

I like gv better

While I do agree that google needs to stop making so many messaging apps, I still think for a company such as them to "perfect" the app is near impossible. Hence my reasoning for sticking to hangouts.

I parked my number in Google voice. Since the r,+ fiasco.

Glad I did I missed the cellnuvo fiasco.

I use gv app to block numbers ,mark as spam and texting.

The spam calls really died down with google

The free virtual voicemail is great add on

Wished redpocket or tpo had that.

Wonder if they enabled/fixed group sms..