But Can it Catch a Frisbee

These new age dogs are something. As far as I know, they do not bark, do not pee on trees or fire hydrants, do not sniff every person they encounter, do not try to mate with you know who, and they do not slobber all over the place, and, most importantly, one doesn't have to carry around a plastic bag in which to place their waste products. They also may make for great seeing eye dogs if they have eyes. However, one may need to carry a spare battery, a can of WD40, a repair wrench, and possibly a leash, when taking them for a walk. But it remains to be seen if they have the requisite ability to run after and catch in mid air a flying Frisbee. Probably their biggest drawback is that not many people would desire to sleep next to these creatures in bed, or to cuddle with them in any way, apart from a few weirdos.