Bricked Older Pc with AMD Chip Running Windows?

People with an older pc with an AMD processor running Windows may experience a bricked pc after installing the Windows update fix for the Meltdown/Spectre security threat. This article has a link to rectifying this problem. Scroll down to the solution.

Fix to meltdown is to make it a brick? haha

What a complete surprise that a Windows update would brick a pc.:huh:

It is literally true that 'windows update' is about the same level of oxymoron as 'gubbermint intelligence' !!

1st thing I've ALWAYS done with any win-doze PC has been to turn that off & remove any of the more damaging ones, if possible.

Folks who buy into that baloney - well, in short - IMO, 'trust mikr0$0ft' also belongs up^ there.

It constantly amazes me to observe just how often so many folks are oblivious to the obvious...