Boss is not boss

Saying they have unlimited 3G speeds after LTE data is used when the speeds are actually 2G is not a good way to introduce oneself(kudos to Joe Paonessa for setting that straight). Boss runs on the Sprint network, but Tello and other Sprint MVNO prices are much better. So much for the revolution. The 50GB plan at $50 is not bad considering allowed hotspot usage.

Edit: I have seen the following opt-out message on several sites this new year, which must be due to a new California law and which seems to indicate that many sites do sell one's personal info without placing that info front and center.

'I noticed on the bottom their website there was a link entitled "Do Not Sell My Personal." Clicking on the link takes you over to IDT's website where California residents can opt-out of having their personal information sold by IDT or its affiliates.'