Boost Mobile Payment Update

Hello, All,

Just got an e-mail from a CellNUVO staffer informing me that, from now on, Boost Mobile is requiring the 4-digit PIN associated with the account in order to process any payments via CN. Failure to include the PIN will result in a $3 fee added to the next month's total (and probably delay processing of the payment).

So, if anybody else is using the CN app to pay your Boost bills, remember to include that 4-digit PIN on the third line on the payment screen "(Optional) Code", in addition to your 10-digit Boost phone number on the "Account no" on the first line.

Hope this will help your next payment to go through more quickly AND save you 3 gold!

Cellnuvo should add this restrictions in the app to prevent issues

It would be great if they could do that, but it is probably extremely difficult for their tech people to keep up with so many different carriers and their respective payment quirks. I have to say that I was really impressed to get a proactive e-mail about the change from CN staff (not Boost). Perhaps the extra PIN requirement will be integrated into their next app version, whenever it gets released sometime in the future.

In the meantime, at least the Nth Circle regulars got a heads-up about this... hopefully better than no notice at all. :slight_smile:

(Off-Topic EDIT): Speaking of Nth Circle regulars, does anybody know where @mmfacemm is? No posts from him for a few weeks now...

He is around. I think he is just taking a break from cellnuvo.

It get's monotonous

I just got my $255 Amazon gift card for the Red Pocket Annual Plan.

Love it!