Boost added

You can now pay for boost service - new option in the app.

Now if Boost would offer a deal similar to the Sprint Unlimited Free or Virgin Mobile i-thing offers........

Just curious, will a sprint note 4 work on boost mobile ? It used to be listed as a compatible device, but is not on the list anymore last time I checked.

No idea - boost is a bit funny with byod.

Is boost sprint only?

Yes, but depending upon which phone you have (not all are capable of roaming on their system, even if purchased from Boost), they also include up to 50 minutes of roaming, I think on Verizon, at no extra charge as part of your monthly plan.

Is boost going offer cellnuvo members a real paygo service? Now that the silver is so hard to make I guess silver is backed up by more cash.

I doubt it. They have never offered one before.

And now they added whole bunch of more, like Cricket, MetroPCS, Total Wireless, AND RedPocket annual installment.

And no TELLO.....

Excellent news thank you Zev. The problem with Tello is that they do not accept third party payments so cannot be paid by cellnuvo.

Great news about the other options though.

The annual redpocket installment is also one per year. Not sure which ones are available. Is it just the ones off amazon or have they worked something out with redpocket to offer the full range?? We know ebay is off limits from the phone option.

Do they have Truphone? or, can we buy truphone service in Amazon?

I asked redpocket they do not offer annual plans on their website. Unless it is a cellnuvo special?