Boom website hacked

If anyone is using boom or thinking about it best to take measures to protrct yourself or hold off signing up until fixed.

I'd be interested to see how long it was actually like this. Anyone with time want to dig into the Internet Archive and see?

I took the time to look but there is only one snapshot for 2020 in the internet archive and it shows "forbidden". I went back to the last one available and there is no "document.write" anywhere. IP address resolves to hostname:

This suggests PinnacleCart is the hosted eCommerce platform used by

Upon visiting there is a cPanel logo at bottom of page.

This suggests PinnacleCart may use cPanel for deployment.

PinnacleCart Server-Side Skimmers and Backdoors

ETA: IP address resolves to hostname:

This suggests the ISP of server is: (

ZIP code of according to domain WHOIS: 74003 (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

This ZIP code is in the coverage area of Sparklight.

My guess is server is managed in-house.