BOOM! Red Annual Plan

Just wondering if any of you fellow Nth Circlers have tried Boom, and if so, how has your experience been using their service? Their annual plan using the Verizon network looks like a terrific deal.

Thanks to @mmfacemm for sharing his post ( a while back on the Hot Deals thread.

Thank you in advance for any input!

Looks like a no so far. I haven't used Boom! but I haven't heard anything bad about it. Here's what bestmvno had to say about Boom! a year ago:

Used them briefly with no issues. Solid verizon mvno. Good support.

They have a presence on Howardforums where one of the founders (i think) regualarly frequents to answer questions.

I have used many MVNO's, Boom is at the top of my list for customer service. If you need CS you will talk to a person in the US that you can understand, they also know what they are doing (not just reading from a self help booklet).

Thanks, all, for your quick and insightful replies. I decided to try their 30-day, 450-unit trial plan first to see how Boom Red's coverage and data speeds work where I live. Depending upon how that goes, I may sign up for their annual plan and port my number over.

I've contacted Boom's chat support twice in the last week with various inquiries, and as mentioned above, both times their CS agents were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Good CS support is a must for me, as I am one of the lesser tech-savvy folks on Nth, so this is a major selling point in their favor.

Thanks again for your help and here's to good things ahead in the MVNO world!

Amazon sells the trial plan for a lot cheaper. $3.50 vs $8.50 or so. You might have already gone ahead though.

Yep, I sure did... ordered it on Boom's website this morning, but thanks for the tip!

Just in case you weren't aware of this plan.

I wasn't. My wallet and I thank you very much for the tip!

Thought it might be helpful to share my BOOM! Red experience on this thread. I activated the one-month, 450-unit trial plan and everything worked perfectly throughout the trial. Voice calls were clear with no lag, texts (including MMS) went through with no problems, and data speeds were actually a little faster than on my main phone (using a different network). As @112059 mentioned above, Boom's Customer Support team is among the best in the business.

Their annual plan that includes unlimited calls and texts and 5 GB LTE data per month (unlimited 2G afterwards) for about $239 is a great deal. But it's only good for new numbers or port-ins, which means that your cost could go up considerably in a year's time if you still need 5 GB/month.

Final verdict: BOOM! Red is a great option if you want reliable Verizon coverage with great customer service. Highly recommend!

Just to let you know Boom told me you can renew at the same price. I was told there was no plan to change the price at the moment. But of course that is subject to change. You should be able to select it online in your account in the "update plan" tab and then the "prepaid plan" drop down selections. You might be able to auto renew too but the text next to that talks about 30 day plans so not sure if it applies to annual plans.