Bonus Silver -- What did you choose?

Given the two choices, a 25% bonus for 4 months or a 10% bonus for 16 months, which did you choose?

I chose the 10% option for 16 months. I guess I'm still trying to be optimistic about the future silver earning & "spending" opportunities.

How was I able to choose anything? The website wasn't working.

You were supposed to email support your choice. See

Well, everything that was posted there turned out to be wrong. I guess I missed out on the bonus.

25% for me. CN future looks bleak to me. I wonder what happens if no choice was made.

I doubt that, I'm betting they chose a default option for those who didn't specify.

Hope so, my number just got restored, but still no data.

Probably not too late to pick one.

Thanks, Will choose 10% if I can.