Blowing in the Wind Big Time

Huge Hidden Beneficial Eyesores: "A single turbine this size, standing 260m tall, could produce enough electricity to power 16,000 households."

Future generations (using fusion) will wonder why we erect these towers - probably to worship. ;p

Well, since the holy grail of fusion energy has been just around the corner for about 80 years now, though we're now getting closer, I suppose we should just hope there is a generation of people still living to enjoy it when it does arrive. For the time being, maybe these towers will come in handy.

Perhaps if anyone can solve the fusion/energy generation problem, Dr. Hurricane may be the person up to the task. If he did so, with a name like that, he would instantly become a super hero.
Just saw where "Lockheed Martin" is close to solving all our energy woes, but I do not like the words "is developing", and would rather hear "has made".