Bloody Good

Well done mate. Most of us have at least one particular talent, most of which probably don't have a momentous beneficial impact on the world. But the talented blood of one man has helped to save the lives of millions, and, although he was either born with or acquired his unique talent (blood) and didn't have to do a heck of a lot to donate it, he "has donated blood nearly every week for 60 years", which has been quite a commitment, a commitment where his "Golden Arm" has been vampirized by a needle about 3,120 times for who knows how many hours. Let's see, if he got paid $10 each time......:dry:

Cool story! With 50 people in Australia known to carry the same antibody, it would be great if a number of them would band together and step up to fill the void.

@Isamorph, it's also bloody good to see you posting on the forum again! We all appreciate your interesting threads and thoughtful perspective. Welcome back!

Yes, a band of blood donating brothers and sisters. And, to boot, one gets free cookies and a glass of fruit juice after every donation.

I suppose we can thank the bloody good , more lenient rules for the early release programs that have recently been added to the California penal codes.:slight_smile: