Black Friday Chaos

Do any of you guys partake in the retail in-store madness, or do you guys choose to be with others on that day?

Both, although family time takes precedence if I can't do both.
For the most part, I pare down my BF shopping list to stores that don't suffer from the insane crush.
I go to Home Depot, Lowes, hardware store chains, the office supply stores. Used to go to Radio Shack if they had something interesting.
For some reason in my neighborhood the Walmart will be swamped, including shelves denuded of associated merchandise that's not on sale, while the Target a mile away will still have doorbuster items available late in the day after the crush is over.
And I look for items that are available for online ordering.

Not a chance. I might check a few online stores. Picked up that tribute hd deal online last year for a $20 sprint mvno phone.

I don't particular find things I want to buy.