BiiiiiiiG NEWS!!!!

Cellnuvo has me on the 10 gold plan. I sent Tom an email the other day. Or it was from the 2 weeks going back and forth with support. Numbers still don't match in app. But anywhoo. Keep at them. I guess they manually did it. 10 gold were deducted.

Congrats! Me next????

Yes I think so. It did show up in purchase history

So you used your Red Pocket phone # for the app store account # field right?

I used red pocket # . Original number temp # . Rp account #. I bought at least 10 different times. I don't think any of it worked. Support manually did it i think like they put me on $5cell nuvo plan. I had trouble getting the $5 plan too. So things are looking up. Until January 17th expiration at least