Big Surveys Not Crediting

I've completed three surveys, today, that each said "Success 250 credits" and none of them credited.

  1. Smart Home
  2. Smoke Detectors
  3. Travel

I had one credit for 150 points:

  1. Like a boss.

Pretty disappointing.

The first two credited for me today. I haven't had the others.

I have found that if you reset the google ad id that messes up the surveys for a while. Usually they don't load but sometimes they don't credit too. So if you have done that recently that could be why.

My usual avenues arent crediting either. If its over 1 or 2 gold I do not hear back from support...

I just got two

Surveys weren't crediting for me for a long time. I deleted the app. Then reinstalled . Now they're crediting correctly.

Same here with same result

I'm afraid of losing my stockpile of gold so I'd like to install the app on another phone and start swiping on that one.

Could someone please give me a step-by-step as to how to install the app on another phone and have it properly connect to my gold balance?


Sent you a pm

Send me one to @lexusl21 :wink:

The steps are easy but you will need your original email. They will send you a verification code. I have always kept my Gold without any problems.


You just need your original email, phone number, and last four digits of the ESN. Start with NUVO as activation code and go from there, I always take a picture of my account info for every CN account. Just did this twice today, I reinstalled ver. 2.74 to get the phone installment option.

Since accounting is kept on the CN server, and not on the phone itself, the only inherent risk seems to be if the new app installation didn't properly connect to the server to reload info to the phone. In that case, it would take help from CS to straighten it out.
I take screenshots, too, before any anticipated account change. Chelle's thought about installing the app on a spare phone, even as an intermediate step, gives you the added protection of still having the account info on the old phone, as least as long as you don't let the old app refresh......

I actually had the app on two different phones one time and was able to swipe either phone for the same account both apps stayed active until I tried the lattest version and then the other phones app deactivated.

I successfully installed the app on my new phone. Y'all rock!