best sound for your buck bluetooth speaker?

My wonderful cheap tablet sound, for incoming phone calls is whisper volume at most.
any recommendations to fix?
Recommendations for a quality audio sound inexpensive bluetooth speaker?
Can I easily switch devices to pair the speaker ? I.E. switch between tablet/ phone/desktop"

Thanks all in advance.
I'm considering a $30
OontZ Angle 3 Plus Edition 10W Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Richer Bass, 30-Hour Playtime, Dual Proprietary Drivers for Superior Sound, Water Resistant IPX5 Wireless Speaker by Cambridge SoundWorks

I 've got a (woops: edit :10 year old ) thirty year old RV sound system from Cambridge Soundworks that is outstanding for analog music cd's

I'm definitely not an expert on bluetooth speakers-- although I deal with professional grade speakers on a daily basis.
The Oontz speakers get very good reviews, but I've never heard one-- I looked at the Angle series for use in my pickup thinking that it would sit well on top of my dash at the base of the window, and point at my ears-- a really nice feature. For phone use, I don't think the "richer bass" is probably important, although it would be nice for music use. (For what it's worth, sitting it on the dash/window junction will create a natural bass boost from any speaker.)

My wife has one of the following, which gets very loud and sounds great in the vocal range-- she primarily uses it for listening to podcasts, and we use it for listening to audiobooks in the car when on roadtrips.

(That $40 shown in the link is too much to pay, though). It seems like there are some complaints about early failure, but no problem here yet.

Sorry, but I don't have enough experience with pairing to have any useful comments.....

Those older Cambridge Soundworks speakers were excellent!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking for dual purpose here.
good to great audio quality for listening to music fomm my desktop ipod cell phone in a small space rv
plus moveable pairing to make my tablet with non existent sound from the speakers speakers for phone service