Best of April Fools

Greetings, All,

Ever since I was a kid (you know, back when History was Current Events) I have loved April Fools Day and the trickery that comes along with it.

To commemorate the occasion, I thought it might be fun to share anecdotes and/or notable April Fools articles from the past. Please feel free to participate or not, no fooling! I will go first:

I remember one of my best pranks, when I swapped out the salt and sugar before my dad (who was not known for his sense of humor) put two heaping spoonfuls of "sugar" on his morning bowl of cereal. He didn't appreciate my efforts, but I thought it was hilarious and well worth the one month's restriction that was imposed immediately afterward. :slight_smile:

As far as articles are concerned, these two are among my favorite "fake news" posts from past AFDs:

This one, if I recall correctly, was shared by our good friend @Isamorph, either on this forum or the old RingPlus site:

And this one was from the local newspaper in Sedona, Arizona, which is famous for its amazing scenery and tranquility:

Enjoy and Happy April Fools Day!

This report is from the past, I mean earlier today, which stated the Chinese Space station that had been predicted to fall to the earth today or tomorrow, actually fell and landed on "Easter Island" today with no injuries reported.

Trump is not playing golf today.

He went to church instead. :lol: