best lightening app? other essential apps?

I had no idea there were apps that show lightening strikes in your area.
How many lives can be saved getting out of the pool if lightening is in the area.
My captain uses it to determine go, no go for work flats crossings. I want one.
Does anyone here use one? Any particular app you like?

I don't have a lightning strike app, but since phones have built in extreme weather warning alerts, I wonder if such an app would be necessary in that lightning would certainly be expected to be included in thunderstorm, flood warnings, etc. Yet , in the play store, there are several lightning apps, so maybe there is some benefit to using one. A few years ago, I believe someone was killed while in the water at a beach during a thunder and lightning storm from lightening hitting the water near shore, which is an extremely rare occurrence in that area. Perhaps a lifeguard with such an app could have helped in that situation.