Best Clone Phone App?

Not sure if I am posting this thread in the right place?

Since I want to use this phone on Cellnuvo. I want to get it ready in hopes of a cellnuvo that is GSM.

My Samsung galaxy s3 is having serious charging issues. Because of Cellnuvo back of the house company going bk. We are all in limbo.

I want to clone my s3 to the Moto e4. By that I mean Move apps, settings, contacts, accounts, music, ect

I really liked Samsung Smart switch. Worked great. But it seems it will not work with too many non Samsung phones.

I found CLONEIT looks promising. Any other suggestions?

PS MOTO MIGRATE seems that it does not work with android 6.0 and higher (which seems idiotic)

Thanks in advance:cheer:

Don't Google account backups allow you to sign in on any Android device and bring everything over that way? Maybe I am mistaken, but that's how I changed from a Moto E to a Moto G4. Maybe you can't do that with the S3 though.

I do gave a google account with contacts. But I want to transfer apps with App settings.

But does it do wallpaper, Apps and position the apps in same place?

In other words make the moto look like that samsung s3

Having an exact duplicate, especially across 2 different manufacturer phones, might be a lot to ask for. I have minimal experience in programs to do this, so there may be programs to do it..

I used LG's transfer program to clone my wife's prepaid Tribute HD to a Sprint Retail Tribute HD-- even with an exact match on phone model, it failed to give an exact copy in home screen arrangement, some settings, etc.

My apps did show up in the same spot, but app settings were not preserved, so you'd have to re-login to everything for sure and configure settings.

What is the charging issue? Is it the USB micro port?

Have you considered making it a wireless charger adapted phone? The parts are cheap on eBay. You would need an induction adapter that fits in the phone (a card with wires embedded) and an induction pad that plugs into your existing charger.

I did this with a couple of S3s and it works well, just takes a little longer to fill the battery.

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How can I copy apps from old phone to new phone with full settings. For example if I transferred Opera browser I want all the tabs and bookmarks to be there is this possible?

I want my apps to have all the settings such as passwords and screen names is that possible?

This is a tall order for a transfer program, since it's likely that different apps store internal settings differently, and a transfer program might need to include a database of all possible apps to index everything correctly.

For Opera, can you create and login to an account to sync settings across all devices? Then just sync your new device.

If you don't need to keep Opera synced across multiple devices, turn Sync off after that transfer and setup is complete.

Ok figured it out ty Why is these things hard for me lol

Unfortunately, I don't think that Opera process will work for every program-- but I think most browsers do have a sync feature.