Best Buy's Black Friday pricing - I'm confused, please help!

So I was looking at Best Buy’s Black Friday ad on their site. Very confused.

Some of the items are “get it today” and those prices I can understand.

Other items, like the Moto G7 Play, don’t have “get it today” prices and that’s very confusing. Can someone please explain how much I will have to pay for an unlocked Moto G7 Play if I buy it on Black Friday? All help much appreciated!

"Black Friday ad items with the Get it today! message are available now at planned Black Friday prices. Learn more ›"

"What does the “Get it today!” banner mean on the Black Friday ad preview?
When you see the “Get it today!” banner, this means that our planned Black Friday pricing is available early for a limited time. You don't have to wait until Black Friday to purchase these deals at our planned Black Friday prices. Due to the promotional nature of these offers, pricing is subject to change. Quantities are limited.

Get it today
What does the Save for Later button mean on the Black Friday ad preview?
By clicking the Save for Later button, you can add these deals to your Saved Items list, so that they're ready for purchase when Black Friday pricing is available. The price shown in the Black Friday ad preview is the price that the item will be during the Black Friday sale period. The items you save will appear on your Saved Items page, which you can access from the navigation bar at the top of These items can be purchased at Black Friday sale pricing only during the sale period. Note that adding an item to a list does not hold or reserve the item, and the price of the item is subject to change. If an item on your list is discontinued or no longer available during the Black Friday sale period, the Add to Cart button will be replaced with a Sold Out button. The item will not be removed from your list automatically. Items are subject to product availability. Quantities are limited."

Of course, "subject to change" and "planned" are always confusing, for the best-laid plans are always subject to change, which makes predicting the future difficult.

Aah, many thanks, Isamorph! Sadly then, the Moto G7 Play I was eyeing will be out of my price range :frowning: Should have bought the AT&T Prepaid Moto E5 Play when it was available recently for 30 bucks at BestBuy.

Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be able to know how much the G7play will cost on Black Friday since it may or may not be discounted from today’s price. I would guess that some vendor will offer this phone on or near Black Friday at a considerably cheaper price than it now goes for, so there is hope.

It is back $29.99

Thanks mmfacemm! Looks like this phone can only work on At&t even though it has CDMA as well as GSM - even after using it for six months on At&t Prepaid and then unlocking it. Does anyone know if that's correct? I was reading the SD threads and couldn't tell.

I don't know what happens to the AT&T Prepaid [strike]G6[/strike] E5 Play after 6 months on AT&T....even the factory-unlocked E5 Play is GSM only, so it seems optimistic to hope that the prepaid version would become CDMA-capable. (But I haven't read the thread, and maybe it's some oddity that allows it.)

If you're looking for a factory-unlocked 4-carrier phone, Motorola is repeating some other sales from a couple of weeks ago.

At Amazon and BH Photo,
Moto G6 , 32GB, $120 (apparently cheaper than last time.)
Moto E6, 16GB $130 (This was cheaper last time, at $100, I think)
Moto Z3 Play, 32gb, $150

Personally, I'd go for BH Photo, since all 3 include a 3-month, 12GB, Mint Mobile SIM there.
(Avoid the factory-unlocked E5 Play, which is a little cheaper, but GSM only.)

KentE wrote, "Avoid the factory-unlocked E5 Play, which is a little cheaper, but GSM only."

Ah yes, Dennis Bournique's PrepaidPhoneNews post on unlocked phones specifies that, so you're right, the AT&T E5Play probably won't work with Verizon.

But BestBuy's specs page for the AT&T-locked E5Play states that it has both CDMA and GSM -- "Network Type CDMA, GSM" and it says the phone has "LTE Band 1, LTE Band 12, LTE Band 13, LTE Band 17, LTE Band 2, LTE Band 25, LTE Band 26, LTE Band 29, LTE Band 3, LTE Band 4, LTE Band 5, LTE Band 7, LTE Band 8".

And funnily, Walmart stores list the factory-unlocked E5Play as "Unlocked" and usable on all networks including Verizon and Sprint.

Lots of confusion around, that's for sure.

Walmart's E5 Model number is XT1921-1, whereas Best Buy's AT&T E5 model number is XT1921-2. The devil is in the details. I do think Walmart and other sellers sometimes get the details wrong in their product descriptions of cell phone specs, unlike B&H Photo which does a good job of informing buyers about which networks phones will work on.

***Here's a $68 Moto G4 unlocked that will supposedly work on all carriers but Sprint, and it's supposedly "new".

The Moto E6 is now $100 at Best Buy, and I think BB prices now match those above on the Moto G and Z..

It's also now $100 at B&H Photo and comes with 3 Months "Free" Of Unlimited Talk & Text + 12GB Data Per Month On The Mint Mobile Network9(a $75 value).

Do note you can do a swap at visible for the e6. So $40 for the first month is all you'd pay. If you have a clunker lying around that is a decent deal.

It seems like a great deal-- but maybe not the deal I'm looking for.
The question is 'which' E6?
Visible's store page isn't very detailed.
Verizon, and Verizon Prepaid, have a version of the E6, XT2005-1

The factory unlocked (4 carrier version) is listed on BH Photo and Best Buy as model PAFG0014US, which seems to cross-index as XT2005-5.

I found this: English Community-Lenovo Community

Short version-- I haven't been able to confirm that the Visible version is as flexible as the factory-unlocked version. (I know Visible has said previously that their phones are 'unlocked'-- but that doesn't always mean what we'd like it to mean.)