AT&T Unlimited MB for 30 days - LTE rate plan

Does anyone here subscribe to the $29.99 AT&T DataConnect Pass of "Unlimited MB for 30 days - LTE rate plan", ...and is able to pay for it with CellNuvo Gold? I just signed for it, it works great, but I have issues with my account being recognizable by CS of AT&T - I can't get to the Prepaid CS because the system doesn't recognize my credentials, and the Postpaid CS says, the account is Prepaid... - so I don't want to try to pay for it through CellNuvo app and fail (?) I hope things will get straighten up, since the account is new, but I surely would appreciate any help from someone who has already done it.

I haven't had any direct experience with AT&T, either Prepaid or Postpaid, but I did contact CellNUVO customer service back in November to ask if Prepaid worked the same as Postpaid for payments on their app. According to the reply I got, it does:

If you decide to switch to AT&T (pre-paid works in the same way as post-paid
through our system), you'll fill out the top up request the same way.
Mobile device number in the payment account field, and AT&T does also
require your passcode for payment (otherwise they charge a processing
fee) so you would enter that in the Other info field.

Not sure if that helps with your "Catch 22" or not, but good luck and please let us know how everything works out for you.

i've done a prepaid att payment before and it worked fine. Just need the phone number and pin.

no idea about the plan you mention though but it should work if you have a number and pin.

Thank you Diedrich_Duo and mmfacemm. Your experiences tell me that as long as my number is recognizable by the AT&T system, and I have a passcode/pin, I should be able to pay with Gold. I hope, I can achieve that.

The way to sign up for the plan I have, is through this landing page: Landing Page After providing the IMEI, SIM number, choosing the unlimited plan, providing name, address, phone number, CC number, setting an auto-payments (good for $5 monthly discount - before discount it's $35), creating my password (but no passcode/pin), and doing the first payment, I immediately received this email:

" AT&T Domestic Data Plan Purchase Confirmation

Dear Valued Customer,

You have purchased the Unlimited MB for 30 days - LTE rate plan, and your account login is (my email here). Please keep this information. You'll need it to access your account later through Settings on your iPad.

Be sure to make a note of your Mobile Device Number: (10 digit number here). If you contact customer care later about this subscription, you'll need to give them this number.

Your purchase amount was $29.99. If you paid by credit or debit card, this charge will appear on your statement as AT&T Data. Please keep this email as your receipt.

To review the full terms of service for DataConnect Pass, go to Wireless - Legal Policy Center - AT&T. Continuing to use this service confirms your acceptance of these terms.

Thank You,

All replies are automatically deleted. For account management, please go to Settings on your iPad or Landing Page.

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My data plan works, and I'm able to login to my account through the same landing page (email and password). The problem is, like I mentioned earlier, My Mobile Device Number is not recognized by the Prepaid system (denying access to Prepaid CS) and the Postpaid CS person (no number was needed for access) wasn't very helpful today. I need some time to figure this out...

Assuming that you've just signed up for your plan, and already paid for this month, you might want to try requesting next month's payment via the CN app right away and get it done early (unless AT&T specifically prohibits payments this far in advance). That way, if there are any problems when CN tries to process your payment, they will have more time to figure it out and let you know what, if any, other or extra info will be needed to get the payment through before the next one is officially due.

Any update ceka? Did this work?

It's a long story, because I spent hours on the phone, talking to various AT&T representatives, being transferred to different departments, some of which were kicking me off, because they were not recognizing my credentials, ...and visiting an AT&T store.

First, I didn't have a pin. When I called, the AT&T CS person said, that she couldn't do anything with my account without one, but after a couple of trials with random questions/answers, using numbers I wasn't providing at signing up for the plan (?), she created/recreated one - so now - hurray, I have a pin!

With this information, Cellnuvo was able to deposit a payment to my account - I received an email from AT&T confirming this, but my account, visible to me after logging in through the iPad landing page (the only login I have), doesn't provide such details. I was advised (by CS) to create myAT&T account, to be able to see and do more... Unfortunately, contrary to CS recommendations, a prepaid account holders can't have one (?)

The next for me was just to wait and see, what would happen to the $30 deposited, when the $29.99 auto-payment is due. The day came, and my credit card got charged, leaving the $30 credit balance untouched. A CS person suggested reversing the CC charge, but was unable to do so, so she transferred me to the "financial" department, where my account was invisible to them... (?)

The last suggestion I was given, is to disable the auto-payment, so the system would use the money deposited, ...but the 30-day charge would increase by $5 if I do that, so I'm not sure if I wanted to do this...

I also have a T-Mobile account with auto-payment enabled for discounted price, Cellnuvo pays for it in advance of the scheduled payments, and the balance is used first, no problem.

Since my last post, I decided to stop the auto-payment, and even deposited more money to my balance through CellNUVO - that didn't work either.

Here is the end of the story. I hope it could be useful to someone.

On this particular account, called "session based", AT&T knows how to accept third party payments, ...and keep it there, but doesn't know how to use it! Each time my payments were due, my credit card on file was being charged, even though there was money in my balance, ...or my service would stop with auto-payment turned off. Anything I tried through AT&T's Customer Service did not work, so finally I asked them to exercise the only option they offered me - to refund the money to the payer - CellNUVO. I thought CellNUVO needed the money more than AT&T.

I didn't think that getting the money back from CellNUVO would be possible, but I tried. I contacted CN's Support, and they, contrary to my expectations, kindly refunded the Gold I used for the payments. I still might never see the real money, but I liked their human touch, especially now, in times of doom and gloom. Thank you CellNUVO!

I'm not impressed with AT&T's CS, but I love the unlimited data plan, so I keep it.

That is an amazing story, ceka. Thanks for sharing it!

So gold instead of dollars? How is this good? Now you stuck waiting 4 months

Sorry don't see this as good

It's all about expectations lexusl21. I didn't see any signs of CN coming up with cash on demand, outside of it's "automated" system. When there was a glitch affecting payment requests, I ended up waiting for the full month to get my "instant" swap cash. Based on that, I didn't even ask for cash, I asked for Gold. I got what I asked for and this makes me feel like a winner :slight_smile:

Yes I guess so in your case though I'm bitter on this subject. Over 2 months ago a carrier sent my balance as a refund to cellnuvo by mistake. Part of the balance was even from my own bank account. It was a sizeable sum. The carrier acknowledged the mistake but said I had to get it back off cellnuvo. After 2 months of chasing cellnuvo and Tom, pleading my case, offering to accept a reduced carrier payment as a concession and being ignored I eventually received points back but only after the app was subsequently updated of course. Not happy.

A year before in Feb 2018 I had a different carrier send money back to cellnuvo by mistake as well. Yes I know I have terrible luck with carriers making mistakes. Again it was totally the carrier's fault. Cellnuvo were happy to send the money to my carrier account that time and responded quickly and courteously. How times change.

If that happened to me, I would be bitter for sure. Sorry to hear that mmfacemm :frowning:

To balance things out, I just got an email from AT&T that they just increased the price of my data plan by $5.00 per month, ...and my Comcast email password needed to be reset because someone was trying to access my account, so Comcast blocked it - I spent 1.5 hours on hold waiting for the right representative... :frowning:

I'd rather get some good news myself so we can both be happy. Sorry about the price increase and 1 1/2 of internet woes.

I also received an Email from at&t about the iPad hot spot 29.99 per month price increase of 5.00 per month.

The cost of the data plan for your tablet or other connected device will increase by $5.00 per month beginning with your bill cycle that begins on May 1‌8, 2019. If you do nothing, your plan will auto‑renew as you will automatically be charged the new amount.

If you have any questions regarding this price increase or if you wish to change or cancel your current plan, please contact us at 800.331.0500 or visit Login.

Thanks for choosing us,