Are You Into Wearables? Why (Not)?

I love gadgets, so when smartwatches were introduced, I welcomed them with open arms.

Anyone else into smartwatches? What do you like/dislike about them? What feature(s) would you like to see in future offerings?

Having purchased a variety of these devices, I can honestly say, if it doesn't have standalone capabilities, i don't want it.

I honestly don't see the need. I seriously thought about one though but the only thing I really want a watch to do is tell the time. I prefer a larger screen to interact with too.

Many with cellular capabilities don't use sims so it isn't really easy to use a mvno.

I have a garmin running watch so combining that with cellular for emergency calls might tempt me. But the need to check emails, texts, tweets, news snippets on my wrist doesn't appeal to me.

I backed the omate smartwatch with cellular on kickstarter four years ago before cellular smartwatches were a thing but several delays later I just decided I didn't want it. I was able to sell it for a profit because they ran out of stock at least.

Which one would you recommend? Any with a sim slot?

Screen is too small. Great for youngsters but not great for those with vision issues (tend to be older people).

Waiting for the Alexa watch, where all interaction is by 2-way voice.

The Moto 360 (2d edit.) was my first smartwatch. Hated it then, hate it now, but the price was right at the time. It currently currently sits in an old X-Mas cookie tin and the band has been put to use elsewhere. Utterly disappointed by the 360, next came the Gear S. The Gear S had that one missing feature I always wanted - cellular capability. The SIM is removable, it has its own phone number and it can make and receive calls operating as a truly standalone device. The lack of this feature is what kept Apple watches off my radar.

Next came the Fitbit Charge 2. Not a smartwatch, but after replacing the band, I still wear it everyday.

Over time, I've bounced back and forth between the Gear S, LG Urbane (nice looking but crippled no SIM), Asus Zenwatch 2 (basic and crippled no SIM), Gear S2 Classic (standalone imbedded SIM), Gear S3 Frontier and LG Urbane 2d Edition 4G LTE (nice but can't swap band). Each one, except the Zen (waste of $$$), has at least one redeeming feature. The S2 Classic and the Urbane LTE get the most use.

As far as the tiny screen sizes, voice command and google assistant help immensely. To those who feel smartwatches, in general, are redundant wastes of money, I agree except for the standalone varieties. I mean, come on. Making/Receiving calls to/from a wrist worn device along with NFC and GPS? That's straight out of Dick Tracy.