Are FreeUp SIMs Still Free w/$1.99 Shipping?

I wasn't sure if that was just a Black Friday thing, or not.

It says free if ordered with a plan but I didn't know if the free plan counted.


Yes, either using a referral link or not.

Just ordered one, the SIM is free, $1.99 is for shipping.

Looks like the SIM costs $10 now unless you buy a plan.

They're $9.95 with free shipping, on Amazon, and you get a $10 credit on your account.

Anyone order a new SIM recently? I ordered one a few weeks ago to set one up for my in-laws, and it never arrived. I contacted support, and they said they shipped a second one last Wed. It's another week later and still no SIM... I verified the address with them before the resent, but still nothing...

Have you noticed any neighbors making a lot more calls than usual lately? :slight_smile:

Seriously, it can sure be frustrating when things aren't delivered as promised. Hope both of your SIMs (the original AND the replacement) arrive soon!

It's been almost 2 months since I ordered my last SIM-- but I think it took a little over a week to arrive.

Anymore $1.99 sim cards? Can we still request for the original free plan with 100mb of data?

The site still indicates a free sim "with plan", but last I knew the shipping cost had gone up to $4.99. It might have changed since then.

The free plan with 100mb of data is no longer available for new signups. The current free plan is 1000text/talk, and no data.