Are ads generally slowing up?

Or is it my area?

Since yesterday there are dry periods?

Fluke or new normal?

new normal, my area too. It is because of the giveaway promotions in the new version is my guess.

You would think that it would be the opposite. Since they control the amount of match game give away.

I'm still getting ads on every swipe.

While I was getting almost all 15 credit ads, since the new version came out, they're only about 50% of the ads I'm seeing, now, with the balance being 2-13 credit ads.

Ugly men in poverty need love too


I am jealous of Chelle

You made that abundantly clear

PS just curious, are you still thinking cellnuvo is a scam as you talked about in the past?

PPS. Not a scam does not mean they do not have serious growing issues

I'm seeing plenty of ads-- never more than a few swipes. (Android 6, v3.0). Depending on time, probably 50% are 1-5 silver. Just enough production that I probably wouldn't have immediately laid the phone down before the new lottery-- but I'm going to get those 20 entries even if they're only 1 silver each. I have a feeling that's part of the reason the lottery exists.

Thank you KentE! I switch to 7.1.1 and the result is marvelous!