Apple in the Attic

Sometimes one finds undiscarded junk in attics, but other times one finds wonderful memories and things long forgotten. Human memory, similar to a pc or house, has its own attics, places where one stores stuff and sometimes doesn't visit for many a year. The fellow in the article found a 30 year old Apple pc, which brought back some nice memories. Although the pc has little memory by today's standards, it still worked, and although it isn't worth much money, due to there being many others like it still extant, it's priceless to this fellow.

Cool article -- thanks! We enjoy a similar "blast from the past" whenever we patronize our local Dairy Queen. They still have the same green-screen monitors they've had for a very long time, but they always get our orders right, so we don't mind that they're not leading the way with cutting-edge technology.

Of course nowadays even the dumbest smartphone is 1000 times more computer than they were - but nothing else, before or since has matched some of the old B&W Apple computers for longevity & reliability.
When they got the additions of hard drives, they were a perfect, simple, distraction free writer's tool.
I bet that if there was a way to simulate those ancient machines with a larger screen, that many writers would race to get such a thing.

I have a commodore in the Attic for sale????

How long has he been there and how much do you want for him? Oh, or is it the attic for sale? :slight_smile: Just joshing. If you're looking to sell, here is a link to some for sale on Ebay that provide an idea of what you might get for it.

The Commodore VIC-20 was the first computer of any description to sell one million units.

I have a commodore 128. Not a 64. With monitor

I have much in my Attic. All for sale. Problem is I don't want to bring it down and mail it

Geeze. I would sell for half that.

Oh it is in attic since end of 1980's

So true.

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