anyone know why my app gives me a different (original) phone number that what my phone says? is it because what my actual phone says is my temp number? im not even going to bother asking support because i already know their answer, which is the following:

BTW do most people have their original number back?

If you haven't updated to the new version of the app,, it will continue showing the old phone number regardless of your current phone number. I don't think it's giving you any useful information to indicate the restoration of your original phone.

At least for me, even refreshing the old version of the app in the settings menu didn't reset it to my temporary number.

Seat-of-pants guess that of those active in this forum, no more than 50% have had their original numbers restored at this point.

My temporary #331 is listed in my phone's settings, while my original CN # is on the CN app. My phone works with min/text, data with my temporary # but not with my original #. Some people have gotten their original #s back and some have not--- I do not know the number count for how many have and have not.

I would say 20% is more realistic going from the reactions to some of my posts earlier this week.

I have both of my original number back.

For the last one I checked my original number here - Red Pocket Mobile It showed that I was on the cellnuvo $5 plan and there were a bunch of CDMAS Paygo refill options. I ##72786# and the number was restored. I wouldn't have known it was back otherwise. But YMMV as many shot me down for suggesting people try. It worked for me that is all I know.

My first one had the number restored after being on a temp number - cellnuvo support did email me a day after to say it was restored. Then it went away a few days later and I was on the dreaded 00000 number, unable to activate, hands free activation loop with no service at all and then 2 days later it was back working. So lots of odd things happening.