App number MUST match refill Number

According to CellNuvo CS I just got this response

CellNUVO commented:

In order for the top up to go through, the number you are refilling has to match the number in the app

Only for Red Pocket I assume. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile too?

I would think it only applies to a RP refill. That's what I've decided to refill my att bill with a one time 100 buck refill.

What if you have multiple lines (thus, phone numbers) on one RedPocket account with one account number?

I suppose it'll top up the line with phone number matching the one stored in the app...

Just submitted this ticket to CellNuvo:

How can I change the phone number in my App to match the phone number in my RedPocket account without losing the Gold in my CellNuvo App account?

Anyone succeeded in making such match? Isn't it Cellnuvo's responsibility to change the app number to match the new phone number, since it is its nonpayment that caused the loss of your original number and thus led to mismatch? Well, it will be funny when you ask for change of app number and it ignores your request or tells you that for some technical reason the app number cannot be changed!