App not crediting

anyone else experiencing the app not crediting?

Same problem here. This problem seems to come and go. So far for me it seems to keep track of points I have earned and eventually credits them.

Walmart has a 15 pointer

They used to be worth 30. Simular ads

Yeah, no more 30 pointers (except one kiip reward), all 15 or 10 videos that use to be 30pts. Could be RP costs more, or adds don't give CellNuvo the same $, but it definitely changed when CN went with RP.

So service costs more if it takes longer to get silver

I get hundreds of the 30 silver Publix kiip ads every night.



Yep, either way our cost doubled, except for the surveys.



surveys working for you? Any version past 2.0 app. I do a survey. It says I earned 100 silver for example the silver never credits in my account

Just got a ticket started about getting a new local # instead of chicago #.

"Just confirming that ­we got your request. ­We're on it"

I haven't seen that one-- perhaps I need to move to where there are Publix? I see mostly 10 silver: a few I think are 15-17, but can't ever seem to catch one when I'm watching the counter close enough to tell.

It's just a new automated response system. I got three of those yesterday. For solutions you still have to be attended by real people.



I am getting 250 silver surveys, usually only 2 or 3 a day. Version 2.61

I had a support ticket answered this morning. I was number 63. So if they do them in order you can see how far down the list you are

Wow, I wish I could get some of those.



Oh i was talking about the swipe left surveys. The ones on the download app sections. For that matter download apos do not credit either

I'm not sure that ads have been depreciated across the board-- some of us are still seeing at least occasional 30-silver ads, and the earlier 60+ point ads were really rare! (which is what they would have been previously if all were depreciated by half.)
Hard to tell whether we're seeing depreciated payout, or those who buy advertising are paying less.
Either way, I agree that earnings potential is down. That said, I've had no problem swiping a little now and then & accumulating 15 or so new Gold this month. (And I've seen more of the 250 silver surveys pushed to me, although neither of my older phones has an easy time handling them. Note that these are pushed surveys, not TapJoy)

Right now when I swipe left I get 250 surveys, most of the time when I select age/gender it doesn't have a survey for me and it goes back to the start page, sometimes it will give me an actual survey (2-3 times day) that rewards 250 silver. I can't get to the download page you refer to lately, when I did and downloaded games I did get the silver but most of the time for me it is not worth the time for those.

I fo mot get 2 yo 3: 250 silver survey s .I am lucky if 1 a week or 2 weeks