App not crediting silvers today (9/29), anyone else?

So far this morning, nothing I've earned is crediting in the app. Anyone else?

Same here-- and it was working fine when I went to bed.

Where are you going? Come back to bed.:evil:

No points

Yea it stopped after 1am est

They eolled out a bunch on 10 silver straight talk. Then stopped that then stop crediting.

No points here, either. Plenty of Straight Talk ads this morning, which is the next best thing to "no points" even if the app was tallying.....
(My Jellybean phone is being delivered 10 point kiips-- my KitKat sees almost exclusively Straight Talk, or fails to get through the ad loading phase.)

I'm getting the straight talk ads but the point does not credit to my account.

Only Straight Talk ads,

NO Points credited.

What version of Android does your phone run? My phone that gets only Straight Talk is Android 4.4.
My Android 4.1 gets a mixture, mostly 10-point.

Android 5.1 on a Moto E V2

Haven't checked other devices.

I find it strange that different phones deliver a really different mixture of ads! I haven't tried the new version of the app, but I understand it offers easier/quicker authorization. I'm thinking of having a spare phone set up so that I can switch swiping phones easily if one is getting stuck with low-productivity issues. I think many of are guessing it's related to Android versions, but there may be other factors. There are times when my Android 4.4 generates more silver, and times when it's far less.

Hopefully they're putting the finishing touches on the app so we can use our gold is why it's not crediting points

Crediting again.

Thanks, confirmed on my end as well, back to swiping. All the credits swiped from this morning showed up as well.