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I stumbled upon an interesting app the other day called "cash show". [Nutsell: Answer 12 questions correct and earn money]

Preface: I never really do apps that promise big money, because I see them as scams one way or the other. For example there are apps that pay you tokens for using certain apps and you can redeem those tokens for cash. However, usually you have to spend a ton of time on those apps in order to make any substantial earnings, so it would just be easier to find another way to make some quick cash. Others just outright lie altogether and you give some stranger information that you otherwise wouldn't give out like how long you use certain apps.

The break down of the app is as such: (Total Time Per Show: 10 minutes)

  1. Wait for a "show" to start, the app reminds you 10 minutes before or you can view a schedule to see what works for you.
  2. Listen to some annoying recorded host for about 1 to 1.5 minutes
  3. Answer questions (12 total) that allow 5 seconds each to answer then about 10 seconds of dialogue after each question
  4. At any point in which you answer incorrectly you're out
  5. Earn money based on your performance.

After each show when they say that you can earn some dollar amount, it is then split between all the other users who got the same amount of questions correct, up to 12. Example, if the pot is $3000 and 1000 people in total won you would then earn 3 dollars. I have seen the range of total winning pots, in which one answers all correct, from less than a dollar to 10+ dollars per winning user.

What is interesting to me is that for 10 minutes of your day, you can earn up to 10+ dollars. Don't get me wrong, I think the app is fun and hope it is long living. However, I fail to understand how some random app can give away so much money everyday for otherwise no particular reason. Within this app there aren't any usual gotchas. So there are no advertisements within the app, and there are no tasks you have to do in order to join a show. I am almost wondering if there is something going on in the background of the phone that gathers data and then that app company sells in order to keep the show running? I am not sure but thought I would share all this information with you guys for a legitimate open discussion. Is this app legit, or should people stay away from it?

Good questions. You are familiar with the MoviePass app, which has some similarities to this app in that they are giving money to users to pay for movies while gathering and selling data gleaned from user's phones and by email surveys. Evidently MP is collecting data even when users are not signed into the app, data which evidently is or will be valuable enough to offset the losses that are incurred from paying for members movies. I wonder how this data can be so valuable, and what data is being collected? Mp seems to be safe from malware and malicious intent, but who knows for sure, and I would have the same concerns with your newly found app. Maybe someone with insight about what is going on in the dark background will chime in on this matter.

I do appreciate the insight in relation to MoviePass. Like you I wonder how any of the data is valuable to them, because unless if I am sorely mistaken, most of the info is commonsense. Example, most people go see movies on the weekends because that is when they are not working or going to school, in which the only exception to this is the frugal people in which they only go on discount days. As well a major difference between MP and this app is there is at least some offset to movie pass, being there is a fee to retain membership while this one doesn't... If anyone knows how to look on the background of this app that would be great...

Also makes sense why we have apps to send/receive money for no fee... they want our money transfer habits...

I thought that was the small price to pay in order to catch black money

Ok, I'm game! Downloaded the Cash Show app and entered your referral codes. Just download the app like I did to the back-up phone that has nothing important for those who have concerns.

This app sounds similar to the "Cash Show" app. The latest thing maybe.

Yeah I didn't want to become the type of person in that video, so I uninstalled that app. More power to the people who play.

The person in the video is likely, I hope, the exception to the rule. The $11 dollars was all she had won on that app so far, and the app requires that one have at least $20 to cash out; so she hasn't received any money yet, though she did get a free trip to the Helen show and her 10 minutes of fame. This app, and the one you mentioned, might actually pay well for someone who is up to speed on things and can answer correctly most of the time.