Anyone used the AT&T $30 Unlimited Data (only for tablets) plan?

Hello old friends and new,

Although work kept me away from you al for a while, my curiosity has been growing all this time and I think the time is now to get back to fuelling my cellular addiction :smiley:

There seems to be a Unlimited Data plan from AT&T $30 prepaid, meant only for tablets?


  1. Has anyone here used it?
  2. It requires an IMEI from a tablet to complete the ordering process?
  3. Does anyone know of a similar offering (I no longer prefer to do business with Sprint so ATT and their MVNOs for me. I have not tried TMo yet so that's a possibility. I love VZW but their pricing is not tinker friendly but I am all ears)

These SIMs would be used for remote monitorable/trackable GPS devices and Wyze Cam installations so their data connection reliability is of higher priority and importance than speed/latency.

PS: If anyone has hooked up a GPS to Arduino/ESP32 over 4G/LTE, I would be interested in that discussion VERY much!