Anyone still can't do PRL update?

I can't update PRL. ErrorCode: Authentication. ##SCRTN# (72786) hands free activation failed. Email Cellnuvo, no reply. No service for almost three months.

Should I contact Red pocket? Will it help?

Do these site show ready to active with them? If so, your phone is freed for use elsewhere... several of us did that after CellNuvo mentioned that CN Gold can be used to pay other carriers... right now, looks like just the Big 4... hopefully soon MVNOs like Ting and Tello.

Yes! They are! Thank you!

Can I use them to join red pocket now and pay with gold in my cellnuvo account?

Monitor this thread to see if anyone's succeeded in paying Red Pocket.

The short version: yes, it's supposed to be possible. Some folks have had payments to Red Pocket go through just fine. Personally, I think the chances are better with a 'fresh' line than they are with an older line that shows as dormant, suspended, or closed.

The longer version:
You'll need to sign up for the Red Pocket Essentials plan, which is $10 (or 10 gold) a month. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way for CellNuvo to pay the initial charge to open the account at this point-- or if so, we haven't figured out how to make it work. So you have to pay Red Pocket directly for the first month. (In theory..... it might be possible to open a Red Pocket line without funding it, and then ask CN to transfer 10 Gold, but I don't think we've seen any confirmed reports of this working.)