Anyone got instructions from Cellnuvo like this?

"Your service has been restored to your second number. Please remove the SIM, then replace. If reboot does not occur, manually reboot to have the changes take effect.

You will also need to choose one of our service plans as mentioned below.

CellNUVO Support"

I removed the SIM then replace then reboot manually. I tried to update PRL. It shown “Authentication error”. My temp number gone and the phone number changed to 0000005922.

Anyone else got the instructions from Cellnuvo like that and succeed?

I got those instructions for my note 2, problem was my note 2 doesnt have a removable sim card. I had the 00000xxxx number. Fortunately I had my MSL code and was able to input the carrier user name manually and everything works now.

First of all no, I did not have this happen.

I lost service on another line recently and wrote "support" to get it reconnected to the network. When I try to dial out it says "Welcome to Red Pocket mobile please listen carefully.... for activation, refill (etc) please visit us 24/7 at WWW.RedPocket ...."

Does that happen to you?

I have no idea what I am supposed to do.

Did you write to "support" and request something or did they just send you this email out of the blue?

Where can I find the MSL? Is it the same number as in Ringplus? I used this phone in Ringplus and then Ting and then cellnuvo.

Yes, I got the same message about 1 or 2 weeks ago. I wrote to Cellnuvo and they replied.

I just got the same "Welcome to Red Pocket" message too. I can't make any calls either. Can you post what CellNuvo Support told you to do?

What did they reply? Did your phone get service after that?

Seh-hee and Gethome,

I posted their reply in the first post. I did as they told me, but it didn't work. I still don't have any service and now even lost my temp number:(

If you were with R+ or Ting your MSL code should have been shown on there website. It is a 6 digit number. Possibly you could ask CellNuvo for it. My inactive phones are still on Tings website, but not sure if the MSL would show, I'll check to see if they are shown. Edit, the phone has to be active on ting but to my amazement I can still log into R+ and my phone still shows active it also shows my phones MSL in device settings.

Yes, I found it in an email from Ringplus. Thank you.
However during the Hands Free Activation, I can't see anywhere let me put in MSL. My phone is LG Volt.
Hands Free Activation failed again just now: :unsure:

Dial ##3282# enter your MSL, touch edit, touch username and change to your phone number with no dashes.

To program a phone manually, you need to enter both the MDN (your assigned phone number), and the MSID (the routing number used by the phone carrier, which looks like a phone number but is usually different than the MDN, and is supplied by the carrier/provider). If you don't know the assigned MSID, I don't think manual programming is going to work. (I suppose it's possible that the MSID isn't changing with the number restoration, but I think it will likely change.)

When folks first started getting their original numbers restored, a lot of them had delays before the auto-provisioning would succeed. It will usually complete within 24 hours, although I think it took a little longer for some. For most phones, you can just power on the phone every few hours and see if it attempts hands-free activation. Dialing ##72786# (or a slight variant for some phones) will also trigger the attempt.

@KentE, All I can say is I tried everything you just posted and the only thing that worked for me was the manual method.

Yes, sometimes it's the only way. It's usually necessary only for older phones , or ones that seem to have provisioning problems for some reason. I have a phone that has to to be manually provisioned, too.

However, the most common reason for a phone not auto-provisioning is simply because the network is not yet configured to send provisioning information to the phone. Sometimes it's necessary to 'kick-start' the process even if the network is configured properly-- and the carrier reset or Update processes usually will do that-- removing the SIM and starting over should do it too (as long as the phone is powered up once with the SIM not in the phone.)

When you did manual provisioning on your Note 2, did you also have the MSID to enter? OR were you correcting a lack of data or MMS instead of a completely non-functioning phone? ( looks like a setting for data or mms.)

@KentE, I had service at one time but lost it, my phone wouldn't let me do a profile update, would get error code 407, so after doing a carrier reset I ended up with the 000000xxxx number. I contacted support and they said they would take care of it. Before I heard back from support I tried the manual approach. I only edited the user name, nothing else. I used my CN number,, after that everything started working again, even my 4gLTE which hasn't worked for a while. My note 2 doesn't have a removable sim card.

##72786# also often requires the MSL.