Anyone else notice how "Voila" is "Walla" on the internet?

The first time I saw this, it took me a bit of time to realize what had happened.

Today, I saw "walla walla". Was completely confused about that until I just googled it now and found there is a song called "Voila Voila".

The fact that "walla" makes sense phonetically, makes it all the more maddening. I have to actually recognize that the dunderheads who made the mistake cannot really be blamed for mis-spelling something they've only heard with no appreciation whatsoever that it's French.


Voici la solution.

Lisez seulement Le Monde

On a practical level, the solution is to start a petition to address this critical diacritical problem.

Since you will be on vacation the month after next it would be important to mobilize public awareness quickly and get something done perhaps on 4/1.

An obvious idea would be to schedule speaking events for leaders in the field of education perhaps on the National Mall that day.

A simple petition focusing on the importance of diacritical marks could be circulated in advance on the Internet.

It might be called the "diacritics are fun today" petition as that would give it the catchy "DAFT" cachet.

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