Anybody using Android apps to monitor usages?

This query was brought to mind by an app that claims to do good at it, and has many users with mostly good reviews, found here:

Mostly with our phones we are concerned with minutes & SMS usages as we keep our data either turned way down or off altogether.

Does anyone here use this or something like it with comfort & success ??
Please point out which other one you prefer, if you do ??


Previously I was on RingPlus, which had the excellent RP Samara app. That app would pull data directly from RingPlus via some kind of API, so the usage stats shown by the app were the same as the RingPlus web site.

I'm not aware of an app like that for other carriers. Since I switched from RingPlus to Twigby, I have been using this app (the same one mentioned in the post above):

I've been pretty happy with it. It can show a notification at the bottom of the Android notification shade showing your usage, so you don't need to open the app to check. The app monitors the usage on your phone, so the usage stats shown by the app do not exactly match what the carrier shows.

Here's an example of my current usage:

  • From the Twigby site: 25 min, 154 texts, 228 MB
  • From the My Data Manager app: 18 min, 141 texts, 238 MB

Thanks for replying Spocko !!
That is the dev's site for the app I linked in the OP.
Their FAQ is here: Android FAQs – My Data Manager
I wish they had a screenie of what it does in the notifications as I'd like to see that.

Is anyone else here using this or one like it ??


Since I moved our three RingPlus lines to Tello I'm using their MyTello app on my phone to monitor usage. It shows the same usage information that I can get from the Tello web site but the app is a lot more convenient to use on a phone. But it only works for Tello.

Hi Widsith !!
I had posted before about that as well as the MVNO specific apps for Ting & Twigby here:

Then I ran across mention of this general app & it had lots of good reviews, so I thought to ask the folks here about whether there are other good, general ones not tied to any specific MVNO.

I wonder if usage monitoring is just not a concern for most folks, or what ??