Anybody know of wireless services that also have VOIP ??

Hi Folks.
I've missed this option since the old was really cool to have the same number usable via cellular or VOIP devices.
(It'd be so great if Twigby offered this feature...that would be true cellular perfection...but they don't.)

Haven't seen any mention of this anyplace lately (except maybe FP, which I will not bother with).

Any pointers for this, anyone ??


Tello has voip capabilities. Just download the Tello app log in with your tello number and password and you’re good to go

Thanks, we don't have Tello because there is zero Sprint coverage in our area.
My goal in this is to reinvigorate a very nice SIP phone that used to work with GV via the (now defunct) GVGW by Simonics.
I know I can get services like this with Callcentric, etc., but what I'm wondering is if there is some service that we can use which is affordable AND also happens to offer SIP compatible services via the same number.

My curiosity has brought me to this really cool page:
Maybe there will be something useful found there...just started having a look...

FreeUp on AT&T network has both cellular and wifi calling on the Free plan.

You are overthinking this. You already have GV so you already have voip capability through the GV app. You can initiate and receive calls data only if you prefer. It works well on both Android and IOS.

I believe the FreeUP app can only be used for app-to-app calling unless one is on on the Global plans. (upgrade plans.) I don't know if anyone here has tried it, but recent reviews on the Play Store are not encouraging.

Et_Z, have you considered the new version of Google Voice? It does require using your GV number instead of your existing native cellular #-- although you can port an existing # to GV for $20.

(oops-- sorry, johnsmith, for repeating your thought.)

I don't believe the freeup talk app works with the free plan. You have to be on one of the global plans

I haven't tried the wifi calling, but it's misleading of FreeUP to say the Free plan does have wifi access if it doesn't. Not surprising, though.

1000 Talk OR Text

+Unlimited Hotspot Wi-Fi"

Wow - thanks for all the replies folks !!!

Given my goal presently of using my Panasonic SIP phone - unless it is forwarded through an ITSP, that is a no-go AFAIK since the GVGW got killed off.

I lean towards services that will work with most
GV is (now ?) good for smartphones, only good with newish Obi ATAs, and a total zero with SIP.

Since it seems most likely that Polycom knew it was snarfing up a dying company just to get their tech, we'll stick with our on-hand Obi boxes for as long as they still can be used.
One of them uses GV via forwarding through Circlenet - which will come to an end in the future, sadly.

May be an option AFTER my present paid service via Redpocket is used up, but not worth the expense right now.

We currently have great services with Circlenet which is not taking on any new accounts, or I'd consider using that source more; we had Future9 before & they're not so good; there are a few other companies I'll check into such as:

Also I may consider PBXes (no DIDs though), and even Callcentric when the need becomes more urgent, but at present it is not so urgent.

An interesting thing I've seen today is that it looks like many of the ITSPs on that list I've found dipped their toes into the ITSP water only for a short while, then moved on to other things.

It looks as if there are some similarities between the ITSP biz and others (like webhosting) such that they are loads of endless work for only a moderate income, which suits very few folks these days.

I read supports Google Voice (Note: $15 one-time sign-up fee for free account):
GV on any SIP device $15/free - VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums

Also, if you already have an Obi20x, you may be able to use that as a "proxy" for your SIP phone to make/receive calls through Google Voice. Example: Using Obi200 with Blink softphone software on a Mac

Thank You St3fx.
I've seen some reports of sketchy results - including right inside that very thread !!
The doubt regarding the big G killing off PBXes' access seems like a good possibility to watch for, as well as a good reason to spend that $15 someplace else, instead.

Our Obi boxes are all set as they are - for now...if/when Circlenet goes away we'll have to re-provision the older box somehow, and if/when the Obi services may go poof, the newer box as well.

Most of my desires fall into a category which most folks don't know they are victims of;
It is called 'convergence' by the industry and used very much the same way that xxx-bytes, 'memory' and other misused terminology have been used to keep folks buried under BS.

Convergence is the idea behind making all the stuff as homogenous looking as possible, such that folks think their phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, etc. are all the same stuff - interchangeable and interoperable...
But truly they are not - and this is used for making profit centers via deliberate confusions.

So, since I've got a number with GV - it should really work with lots more stuff than it does, and certainly without my having to buy another service & number to be able to use it via my SIP phone(s);
But that ain't the way it is actually done & of course the big G cares not at all what its users want because we are actually their product rather than being the customers.

This is all why I'd like to have a cellular service with coverage around here that also allows SIP access to the number that I'm paying to use.
Then, it can be accessed by ATA, PC, SIP phone and smartphones - with wifi being a very good option as well.

Still looking...good thing I'm in no real rush !!


Isamorph writes: "I haven't tried the wifi calling, but it's misleading of FreeUP to say the Free plan does have wifi access if it doesn't. "

I don't think FreeUp is being misleading-- rather, I think we're confused by two different 'value added' FreeUp features.

"WiFi Access", which is an app that identifies public wifi spots and manages login info,
"WiFi calling" via the FreeUp Talk app.

Tello isn't a good comparison to RingPlus' old VoIP service since RP VoIP used the same number as your cellphone for both incoming and outgoing whereas Tello only works for outgoing.

Though, RingPlus also used Sprint, so Tello's using Sprint is not worse off than RP in that sense.

Cellular WiFi calling is a different animal.

I should have said FreeUp is confusing to me. The FAQs could have clarified "subscriber" a bit more. The app to app calling option is good for friends and family.

"How do I use FreeUP Talk App
Go to your Google Play or iOS App store and download the FreeUP Talk app. You do not need to be a FreeUP Mobile subscriber to download and use the app to call and message other FreeUP Talk app users via the FreeUP Talk app, however only active FreeUP Mobile subscribers can use the FreeUP Talk app to dial landlines and cellular in the US, Canada and Mexico and internationally based on your plan details.

The FreeUP Talk app can also be downloaded and used Internationally. International customers can download the app without creating a FreeUP account and only use it to make app-to-app calling and messaging worldwide.

Login by using your mobile number and the passcode which will be sent via text message. Open Talk app and dial out by using the dialer pad in the app."

OK, done for now.
Got a DID from CallWithUs - mainly because they had a number that really rang out to me - I'll port it over to a slightly cheaper/better service after their mandatory 6 months.
So now I've got a number that I like (and can remember) and it works fine for SIP too.

A slightly better solution would have been possible when CC still had free DIDs in terms of both SIP and GV, but now that those are gone, well, too bad - as I'll not be porting into their service later either.

@Extraterrestrial_Zoologist Congrats. CWU is very good and Sergey (sokhapkin) is an expert. Lots of features including direct media support ("no NAT") and robust portal/API. FYI, I believe CWU DIDs are sourced from third-party (DIDx maybe?).

Note: Callcentric free DIDs replaced with $1/month DIDs: Dollar Unlimited Phone Number

ETA: How did you make payment? Last I remember, Bitcoin was preferred.

Hi St3fx.
I'm not very impressed with CC - I've used them before and they're sort of a PITA IMO.

CWU takes paypal & even direct CC - and hits the users with the fees.

I only put in $10 & will keep it going until it is time for me to port that number out unless something changes my mind about that - but at 2.49/month + minutes it makes me wish very much that Circlenet would stick around.

Some other providers to consider: Localphone, Anveo,

After porting out DID, remember to cancel billing with CWU, if this doesn't happen automatically.

Thanks again.
Anveo is a total non-starter; Localphone is mostly about international calling & too complex in terms of billing & total costs; is very good in pretty much all ways - I've used them before.

Back when the rumoured GV cutoff went around I tried out pretty much all of the decent ITSPs & compared their costs as well as what other folks shared about them regarding customer service & reliability especially.

Some (like are quite steady & shine out as very worthy of use - whereas others have endless complaints shared publicly against them.
Some just dried up & blew away while others have changed their offerins to business services only - so in looking again I found the list of those I might consider to be quite short, actually.

On a related note - just had to look for something at amazon & this was a suggested thing on that page:

(Not an affiliate link.)
An ATA for $14.99 & prime is a pretty good deal for anyone wanting to try their hand at VOIP to use their house phones without needing a landline anymore.

Reviewers say that it has horrid documentation - but good support - how goofy is that ??
Also, that they call it "VoIP Analog Terminal Adaptor" rather than ATA or Analog Telephony Adaptor is kind of funny.

Not a replacement for an Obi box's direct GV connection abilities, but for generic VOIP it could be very handy.

Also mildly related in the phone via internut realm:
I have a couple of really nifty cordless Skype phones (originally named iphone, but renamed for obvious reasons...).
These are incredible little phones that use standard NIMH AAA batteries & have incredible range & clarity.
They are in need of a new home - as well as 1 or 2 Skype adapters for PC use with a regular phone.
These things are all in fine shape I also have all their docs & stuff & even the original box from 1 'iphone'.

I quit using them after M$ snarfed up Skype & I went all Obi instead .

Free to a good home that uses & likes Skype !!