Anybody been using the Brave Browser?

I've been using it on my Windows PC and my Linux PC for the last two weeks.
I like it a lot for PC ( but not that much for Android phone)

I'll have to work up the courage to give it a try. I like that it's based on Chromium and one can get extensions from the Chrome web store.

I use Brave as my go to browser. Fast, sleek, blocks ads and is based on chromium.

I've been using Brave for over a year on a Linux computer. I like Brave. One problem I've run into is that it can't download pdf files onto my computer, so I have to go to a different browser to download pdf files. Other than that, it works very well. (My biggest gripe is that Brave is iffy with 32-bit - ie really old - Linux machines, so it can't be loaded on the old computers I have).