Any help from an official rep from Cellnuvo, please?

I posted another thread about Cellnuvo some while back and by today ((3/2/2017) it has become a monster with nearly 50 pages mostly filled with tiny observations & personal comments - and frankly it is just WAY too much for anyone to go through looking for helpful info - let alone the struggling CN folks who already seem to have their hands quite full with trying to improve things there.

After reading Hungryghost's updated posting guidelines, I think this post does not violate any rules - it is intended as helpful - and if it ruffles any feathers - my sincerest apologies.
(I am just an ordinary user here who has CN service and is enjoying having it - but also I am not in any big yank to grab a zillion points there - it is enough for me to mostly keep it free of cost & if paying a little now & then is needed, so be it - the service is good & worth it.)

My own observation as a user who was, frankly - traumatized by the craziness of RP these past few months:
It looks to me as if some folks here seem to be having RP moments with regards to CN - which it is assuredly NOT.

My own experiences communicating with the CN folks has shown them to be the absolute opposites of the RP folks;
The CN folks are happy to communicate directly with users from the boss right on down - I can testify that I have spoken with folks from there via phone & exchanged helpful emails with them as well.

This is a FAR better support response than ANYTHING this (former) user of RP EVER got from there...ever - in the 8+ months between joining & when the service quit.

Also worthy of note is that the CN folks are desperately trying to keep up not only with loads of new members streaming in - but also network upgrades AND getting a new app release ready.

All the above having been said - if we truly WANT for things to work out with these folks who offer the ONLY zero cost Sprint based service at present - it may be wise to simply chill out for a bit and let them do their work !?!

I put a friend's phone on CN via porting from RP most of a month ago...and there were errors - help was needed.
After quite a few tries at emailing & leaving VM it was finally resolved & I wrote about that whole thing here - but it is now buried under a bazillion comments, so likely nobody even saw that resolution.
Bottom line=>
CN had messed up the IMEI and did correct that error - but also, the phone itself, being 3G only & in our area with zero data coverage could not activate without a little manually applied help - but now it is 100% fine.

Regarding the offers/ads/etc. - maybe the CN upgrades are messing with that stuff right now ??
Given that most former RP users had several lines & phones - why not just lay off the CN lines for some days or a week if there are no goodies - give these good folks a chance to catch their breath.

After reading ALL of that trashed out other thread, it looks as if folks are mostly concerned about these things:

  • timing/lack of/presnce of offers & ads & ways to get CN points;
  • activation/re-activation issues as pertain to the above;
  • use and/or need for 3G as opposed to wifi data usages;
  • timing & appearances of referrals;
  • timing of the updated app's arrival;
  • timing of the improved opportunities that Tom had mentioned here before.

Would Tom or some other CN rep. PLEASE join this thread and affirm factually what is REALLY happening right now ??

Forum Folks - PLEASE - refrain from trashing this new thread into a useless heap of one-liners and such so that if/when a CN rep. does appear - they can actually SEE what is going on and post helpful into.[/b]

Thanks Fellow Users here & CN Folks for being helpful.

Maybe CN should put in a quota for new activations until they can get on top of the service issues.

I think the other thread serves as a valuable real time communication between users. If someone isn't seeing kiip ads it's good to know know no one else is, either. It saves a lot of needless troubleshooting.

Since you seem to be the most invested in having a troubleshooting thread you might consider collecting various tips into an FAQ thread.

You might include what the status numbers mean, how to correct them, how to reactivate a phone after generating a new code, how to change your advertising ID, and how to clear the cache, for starters.

Problem is this isn't a cellnuvo forum but simply one thread.

You can check out the reddit over at which has more space, clearer threads covering specific issues or discussions etc. if this one big thread gets too much.

How about we start one thread for cellnuvo for discussion direct with the ceo - questions, issues and resolutions to keep it all in one place and the other for general chit chat (sorry a lot is me!)

As chelle says feel free to compile what we know to date or I can try if you prefer.

I like the 2 thread idea.
Chats that are loosely CellNuvo related goes to one thread; "ask Tom" goes to another.


Any way to put "Bill Period Ends" on your app screen. So we know what date our billing period is at a glance? Or maybe a settings button with all that helpful info?


I need help with my port in. It's been since Friday Feb 24th. I heard once from you that you were checking... but other followups have been responded to. I need this done as I will be in another billing cycle at twigby if not completed.

I posted details here (I don't want to double post):

I think all questions to Tom need to go into the one thread. This one is tidier -

Unless anyone has an objection can hungryghost please move the last two posts and perhaps lock this thread since the purpose of this has been satisfied to split out the main thread into separate ones covering specific topics. Or merge them or something


My port in to CellNUVO from Twigby was submitted this morning and a few hours I received an email confirmation of successful port in and ran a PRL/Profile update. I got antsy and reactivated my phone with a new code....not sure if I needed to this...prob not.

Anywho... all good to go with my new number. Thanks CellNUVO!

I am very, very disappointed that its been 6 days since I posted the OP here & no CN rep has yet appeared to help anyone.
It is definite that they know of this thread & our concerns too, I say this with 100% confidence.

Further, I have also verified that my billing cycle as well as that of another user with whom referral credits were shared have turned over - but with ZERO shared credits appearing for either of us.

I am fine with being a beta tester - and also appreciative of the useful free services these folks are giving us - but the lack of attendance & attention as well as promised things that do not appear to work at all IS very disturbing.