Any cheap sprint mvno other than tello/ting that lets you self swap phones?

Ie you can do it yourself via the online portal.


Twigby ??

FreedomPop/Red Pocket CDMA plan does not, although it was relatively easy to do via chat.

I don't think so. These features on Tello is what makes the recent Paygo fiasco so sad. The ability to swap phones, plus occasional hot spot usage, etc., has given me the ability to do things that have saved me time and money, things which I could not do elsewhere to my knowledge.

Why are all the good alternatives falling apart. All are sneaky and some going BK.

Thanks for the responses. It makes me miss ringplus which offered a lot of options on the dashboard.

I wonder about:
Hello Mobile--I think there are a couple of users in the forum.
(someone reported they had a pretty good dashboard, and a Sprint-only, or Sprint-primary, provider is more likely to enable this.)

Pix: At least some former users, but not necessarily on Sprint.

Expo Mobile

Tracfone does allow self-service swaps, although it's a little arcane-- and not recommended if you're changing networks. General wisdom is that they don't offer Sprint, though. (I've seen some claims otherwise, if you really try......but it's always a little confusing whether a comment from a customer is referring to Tracfone-specific, or Tracfone Group.)