Any cellphone deals on black Friday for black people?

I am waiting for umidigI a3 max but it still has not been launched yet. So I decide to consider other options. Budget 250 golds.

Too late for black Friday deals. You could of started in Septembe with banking the ppayment? Or did you do that. If you did you still running out of time to get credit in time

If you did not bank the credit then you missed it.

This is why even support says to bank the credit even if you not sure what you want or what sale will be available at the time you are rdy

I have banked 200 golds... need to find a phone and bank the remaining.

Lexus wrote: If you did not bank the credit then you missed it.

What does banking your credit mean? TIA.

Let's say you want a $300 phone on Amazon . The max is $100 per month.

  1. choose store on app then phone installment. Put in max for November 100. That 100 goes to the side. On the cellnuvo servers

  2. do same for December. Now you have 200 gold saved

3). Do same for January. Now you have the 300 gold saved for phone you want

3b). Send email to support with your Amazon link and Amazon email.
You will get a link to amazon credit

PS you can change your mind on phone you want up until you send email.

Ie you decide on a $400 phone. So you save another month ect

No deals for this black Friday.

You are already to the party i recon

It looks that umidigi a3 Max and umidigi s3 pro are both a hoax!