Another Sprint Promo

thumbs up or down?

It is getting a lot of press now.

I am not convinced. For one they had it available 2 days ago and I signed up. A hour after I signed up the promo was pulled and my order was put on hold. Well I did get two order numbers as well which was incorrect. I tried the activation page using a sim I already had and it came up with my phone is not eligible for this promo even though it was clear before. Customer service did not know about the promo. I canceled the whole thing.

Looks like it is back up. Seems like there are several people with activation issues though as well as phones that should be eligible but are not. A lot of people on slickdeals saying that a prepaid mvno number was eligible but the fine print states you have to port in from a postpaid carrier - sprint may turn around and charge them full price or cancel their lines anyway.

Fees may be $5-10 from the chatter.

It would be a great deal if it works. So maybe take a chance. I'm going to pass - I hate postpaid carriers and their tricks and incompetence.

Too much chaos and uncertainty right now. Wait and see.

Just saw the following. Thus, maybe it is legit and a great deal, if one's phone can pass the eligibility checker, which seems to have been a problem according to SlickDeals forum. Sprint offers a free year of unlimited data. What's the catch? - CNET

I think this would be ideal for a family member currently on Verizon..

The one problem I see is that switching devices is subject to conditions. It may be the case that someone buying the iPhone 8 will have to settle for the Sprint model. That could be a real concern as the sim free model is much more flexible in terms of activation policy.

I did end up signing up after all this week. I've been receiving bills for $0 these past 3 months so it seems I half set up the account and it wasn't cancelled as they told me it had been. I called to complete the activation and after jumping through many hoops a specialist had to come on to restart the activation. An hour later and another call to jump start the port and now I have sprint unlimited for a year. Ported from a global freedompop account and was able to get a new number for that FP account to keep it alive.

people are talking about "getting upgrade on 1-Oct ? What is it?

Just means you can buy a new phone or lease a new phone on your line. There is a temporary restriction for the first few months

There are some.good deals eg lg g5 for $145 outright and bestbuy usually has some deal on instalments that you can pay off right away for upgrades eg lg g6 for $120 a month ago.

I still don't get it. Why do people have to wait until 1-Oct to buy new phone? Why couldn't they buy it now?

Because it is part of the promo rules. Upgrade before then and you lose the free year. Right now you have to wait until 1 Dec to upgrade if you sign up.

They want you to bring a phone that is used elsewhere ie verizon/tmobile/att so that they are sure you have actually switched to sprint. After a couple of months they then let you upgrade if you want to.

But interestingly, Sprint has no objection to swapping devices you already own into the line, even if they wouldn't originally qualify for opening the just can't buy a new device through Sprint as an phone 'upgrade'..

Yes that is odd. You'd think they would want you to buy a new phone.

Maybe they are aware of people getting these deals where you can buy a phone on instalments from bestbuy and cancel immediately to get them really cheap.

First bill came to $3.49.

Hard or Soft Credit inquiry?

Hard. If you don't want that then the virgin deal is the best you can get.

Mine came out to $3.36. Came from MintSIM, a TMobile MVNO just fine.