Another server issue? "Lost Gold" around 8am EST

Anyone else?

I was earning credits earlier this morning (though slow pickings with these small 1-5 credit ads), then right around 8am EST, about 13 Gold just disappeared from my account.

This has happened in the past and restored after they did whatever server reboot was needed...just seeing if anyone else experienced it again.

I'm putting in a ticket to support.

Nothing is currently crediting for me so there is some issue.

No lost gold though.

The exact thing happened to me...about 5 Gold disappeared when I opened the CellNuvo app just now.

Wow! I lost almost 15 gold, I think that amount I had last time I bought 10 gold.

From cellnuvo:

"Our dev team is aware that some people may be seeing some issues, and are working on it, it appears to be a reporting issue that will be rectified shortly."

If you go to Settings/Account Info/Refresh - it is refreshing OK? Mine second account gave me "Invalid hash".

I get "invalid hash" too. Just a matter of waiting for them to fix it.

35 Gold vanished from one account and 12 Gold from another...No Bueno!
Also, wasn't there some talk about 10 or 20 percent bonus sometime ago?
Did I miss how that turned out?
On the plus side, seems more folks are getting their redemptions to go through!

Got invalid hash too. Although I haven't lost any gold, yet.

As far as redemptions are concerned I think they have finally nailed it. Seems to work every time and within a reasonable time frame as well. I haven't heard of any issues lately other than someone who used the account number instead of a phone number and that was sorted by support.

I just checked. I lost 1 Gold and 64 Silver.

Same here. Hopefully they will get it taken care of soon (not "CN soon" :slight_smile: ).

Ads are crediting now and the invalid hash has gone. Mine are back to normal with catch up silver awarded for my swipes during the down time. Hope you guys got your gold back.

Way to go Cellnuvo!
Thanks for restoring my Gold balances.

30 silver qiips right now too

Okay not working again...

Did anyone look into whether it was some Chinese or Russian hackers? I think that's the latest fad... to blame China and Russia, right? haha

Ads not crediting here on the West Coast

Mine is still out and Gold not returned yet...

Looks like mine just came back, around 8am "outage" lasted about 24 hours.