Another car dongle - AT&T

AT&T says the Harman Spark costs $80 on its own, or $30 when purchased alongside a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, or Note9.

Service costs either $10 or $20 per month, depending on whether or not the Spark is being added to an existing wireless account.

It's on the ATT connected car website as well near the bottom of the page. Looks like a replacement for the Mobley. It has to stay connected to the car or risk plan cancelation.

Not a problem if you get an electric car, charge in the garage while leaving the dongle ON. :slight_smile:

Maybe a good RV solution?

Yep, or even a regular gas car - just keep the 12v battery on a smart charger.

I consider this a downgrade from the mobley, as it probably has better technology to track "unauthorized" use.

Reason for the low price may be that it's sending your car info for AT&T to resell...

I don't know much about OBDii ports. Are they normally powered with the ignition off? I might guess not, and that some rewiring would be necessary to make it so. (Probably active in the accessory key position?)

My OBD2 stays on even when the car is turned off. The Mobley shuts down if the battery voltage drops below 11.5 volts.

Charger to allow you to keep the dongle powered 24x7 without draining the car battery...

Wow, here's a reason to get that AT&T adapter. Android head unit with internet access.

Kent, hope you are keeping well.

I believe it depends on the car. On the ones I own, the OBDii port is kept powered regardless of the IGN+ state.

In theory, a 12V power would all that be needed to power this dongle.

In practice, this dongle could send some OBDII commands to see if a vehicle is connected to it.

At $80, I would expect a GPS device to be embedded into it.

I have a few OBDII emulators so if anyone here is interested in playing around with this car dongle or can loan me one to experiment with, I am happy to put in the time.

Apparently, many new cars have SIM cards built in and it's $20/mo too.