Annoying pop-up

How do you stop the pop-up chat screens on these new websites (like car dealers)? Every single click to a new screen, non-stop multiple pop ups. I am using Chrome on a Chromebook.

Start chatting with them---it works every time. But seriously, there might not be a way to stop them, unless the google setting that prevents pop-ups can handle them. You can try going to "advanced" settings in Chome, then to "content" settings, then to "pop-ups and redirects" and see if you have pop-ups blocked turned on, and if so, perhaps you can add whatever car dealer url you want to block chat pop-ups on and see what happens.

I think I got it...
On Ublock, block Javascript.
So that disables the drop down menu and links to view cars... however, the search box is still there and I can type in the model. :slight_smile:

Glad you can still search for your perfect car. (BTW, just curious... did you ever have a chance to take a Subaru test drive and get that $65 gift card you posted about on the Hot Deals thread?)

I did the test drive when it was $25 or $50 (forgot which one). Going to test drive the Kia Niro Plug In soon just to try it out and get the $25 gift card.

Don't they annoy you with sales calls after???

Give them gv number?

The dealers are more respective nowadays, most don't call if you tell them to just email. The annoying part is getting what appears to be a multi gigabyte web app that loads whenever you switch a page - just to enable the chat box to block the screen and annoy the visitors.