America ?

I found the link below to be both amusing and cringe-worthy. On the one hand, some of the photos are funny, but on the other hand some of the photos perpetuate simplistic and false stereotypes of US states. I guess I found them more amusing than offensive.

Contrast that with Ken Burns's Vietnam War.

Contrast? Interesting idea. I have seen the first few episodes of Burn's "Vietnam", and it certainly brings back a lot of images and memories from my time in the Army during the late 1960's. I was fortunate during that time to have met and lived with people from most US states as well as people from Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. And since that time, I have been fortunate to visit, many very briefly, about 43 US states, and have from my experiences formed an image of the US that is much more complex than the simple collage of images shown in the link. So comparing or contrasting the "Vietnam" images and the amusing photos depicting US states is like contrasting apples and oranges, which I'm not sure how to do. :unsure: