Amazon prime on Chromecast??

Is there a very easy way for the elderly to watch their Amazon prime on their Chromecast?

I mean a unconfusing way. Something I could set up.

Very unfair that the two companies fighting hurt the elderly. They paid for both and want to watch using both

A way via an iPad. Not a PC.

They can use the iPad and I have Chromecast set on the iPad


Their best bet is to cast a tab from a chrome browser using a laptop.

They have no laptop.

They have iPod and iPhone. Anyway?

No easy way. No way that they'd be able to deal with. Maybe buy them a Roku?

She can use an iPad remotes are so much harder for her

If you buy a Roku, Roku has an app that can be downloaded to an ipad and the Roku device can be controlled from the ipad screen, or ipod screen, if that's what you're referring to. Using the Roku remote is not difficult, and is probably easier than the ipad used as remote.

She is elderly and knows iPad or iPhone. Remotes are very hard for her

Does Roku have a stick now or just abox that costs $100.

With Chromecast she can use her iPad go to Netflix and the cast button is there. Can she do the same with Roku?

Roku does have a stick. But the Roku "Express" is cheaper at about $30. Here's a link to the Roku app for ios.

To make it clear she at first wanted it for Netflix. Go on iPad choose the show push play on iPad push cast and done

She does not want any remote control. Not a real or fake one on iPad. She recently got prime so wanted that also. Shame Apple fight with Amazon and hurts elderly.

As Chelle said several posts ago: "No easy way. No way that they'd be able to deal with. Maybe buy them a Roku?"

Does she have a smart TV? If so, she could stream Prime video directly from the TV without a Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV stick.

Airplay (similar to "Casting") to AppleTV 3rd-generation or better might work. Does not require use of remote. Battery life of iPad may be a concern if screen has to remain on during Airplay.

I think the spats between Amazon and Apple, or indeed between any content provider and delivery system, hurt a lot of folks, elderly or not.
I just read a little article that mentioned that around 25% of Amazon Prime members never watch Prime Video at all--probably at least partially because Amazon doesn't make it easy.

I'm not an experienced Roku user, but I think Amazon Prime Video loads on the Roku as a "channel", and it may be no more difficult to operate than Netflix. Still a bit of a learning curve.

There is an official Amazon Prime tvOS app for AppleTV 4th and 5th generation. There may also be one for 3rd generation, but not sure. The 4th generation and better allow for apps to be installed, whereas earlier generation have built-in apps. If using Airplay instead of relying on AppleTV app, even 2nd generation AppleTV might work.

ETA: Yes 3rd generation AppleTV also has Prime Video app, though as mentioned you won't need it if using Airplay method from iPad or iPhone.

No smart TV

Does the Roku cast like chrome cast or does she need to use the iPad Roku remote?

If you are unable to cast Prime Video to Chromecast, you will not be able to cast to Roku either.

More info:

The Roku comes with an easy to use remote.

There is also an iPhone and Android app that duplicates the functions of the physical remote.