Amazon One Day Prime Shipping

One day shipping for Prime members is the standard shipping speed now. This is nice, but I was hoping for Prime 1/2 day shipping.

I want it delivered 1 hour before I order

Amazon has played with that possibility, too. At one point, they were working on a predictive algorithm that considered how many times you had returned to look at the same item, and factoring in your personal history and the history of customers in general. When you reached the likely "tipping point" in shopping behavior that indicated you would most likely purchase the item, they'd go ahead and ship it-- possibly with a "last stop" diversion program. (I imagine with the Amazon contract delivery program, this would be a confirmation before it actually got loaded for local delivery.)
I don't know, but it's possible that this project got shelved when Amazon decided to build out more regional warehouses.

In our rural hick town even the two day shipping is only successful about half the time.

I can't imagine them getting 1 day right, very often.

Soon you can tell him where you're traveling you can get your package on the road when you stop for gas

I, too, live in a hick town, but fast becoming a hipster town (I don't know which is worse), where the USPS doesn't deliver mail to many houses in the area, but rather delivers mail and small packages to mailboxes on corners a mile or two from people's homes. Thus when a package is too big to fit in a mailbox the carrier leaves a slip saying to pick up the package at the PO. Problem is one cannot, according to PO rules, pick up the package until the next day, so if one ordered an Amazon Prime package which the PO cannot deliver to the mailbox, then it takes three days to get one's prime delivery. I've explained this process to Amazon and they have credited me with $10 a few times when this has happened, and Amazon has recently tried to keep my packages out of the hands of the USPS and in the hands of ONTRAC, UPS, and FedEx. There are about 60 million people in the USA who live in rural areas that also have these shipping problems. So we'll see what happens with the one-day free prime shipping. I contacted Amazon today and was told that all Amazon packages will be delivered to my home from now on.:whistle: