Amazon is removing lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive smartphones

New devices will drop the ads starting tomorrow

if you paid to remove them you can get a refund too apparently.


The $20 price increase has already taken place. A few phones I was watching are already showing the increase.

So no ads but $20 price increase?

Yes no ads but the discounted price for amazon prime phones are now +$20. The discount ranged from $30-$50 before so will now be about $10-$30 off the full price.

Yup... looks like you gotta pay one way or another... but on the bright side, no more annoying lockscreen ads!

It sounds as if the lock screen discounts probably didn't work out because most people preferred to pay full price rather than deal with the ads.

Edit: Looks as if Google ad policies are a major reason for the lock screen ad removals.