Amazon- how can I talk/chat with customer service

Since COVID 19

Amazon will not answer the phone anymore and they hang up on you. Robot hangs up on you. And the chat is an automated robot chat.

They're supposed to deliver an order today and they waited to the last minute and then changed delivery to over a month and a half from today. How the heck do I talk to a human being?

What garbage

I chat yesterday. Stay on the automated chat somebody live will get on after clicking on questions

I sure I get that because the robot ask you if everything's okay what are you supposed to do just sit there?

type "agent"

Sometimes it is possible to get a telephone representative. Since COVID, one time I couldn't but another time I was successful.

No place to type agent. Just click button response

But one time got a link for a human agent

Open the chat

Click "An item I ordered"

Pick the item

Then "I need more help"

Then type agent.