Amazon deliveries via private contractor

At work, we just got our first Amazon Flex delivery via a bonafide non-bonafide delivery person.

Kind of strange, since other than package in hand, the delivery agent seemed to be just on man-on-the-street. No uniform or obvious badge, no service identifier on what was pretty clearly a well-worn personal vehicle.

That is different--- better be careful opening packages delivered that way.

In our area, Amazon uses a company called OnTrac to deliver to us because the USPS doesn't deliver packages to individual homes in our rural area. The OnTrac people have no visible identity, and no markings on their vehicles.

Men in Black?

This Amazon driver squatted and pooped in a customer's yard.

Wow. I've heard of curbside delivery, but that's a bit much!

Seriously, there have been news reports over the past few months showing how much pressure the delivery drivers are under due to too many deliveries and not enough time to complete them. Perhaps this driver was already late and afraid to actually take an extra ten minutes for a restroom break, in a restroom.

In our neighborhood I have noticed several OnTrac delivery vans speeding along in an unsafe manner. It would be nice if the delivery companies could "slow down" their delivery quotas just a bit so that their drivers could slow down, too.